Changelly review

Changelly Exchange is a dependable and reliable cryptocurrency exchange. The Chanelly exchange offers users the ability to purchase Bitcoins and other crypto-assets, additionally a straightforward interface makes this site an ideal starting point for beginners in the market. This exchange has processed millions of Bitcoin transactions since its launch in 2015. Whilst Changelly is a very useful exchange there are a few weaknesses to this site, we will examine these in more detail in the expanded review.

What countries are supported by Changelly?
Changelly is a global exchange that can be accessed from any country in the world. Bitcoins or crypto-assets can be credited to your Changelly wallet before proceeding with transactions on the exchange.

What currencies are supported?

Changelly’s exchange supports a comprehensive range of crypto-currencies listed here: LINK. Changelly supports the most popular crypto-currencies supported include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Monero, and Basic Attention Token and lots more.
Using Changelly
You are not required to register to use Changelly, but you will have to provide a contact address for verification, and you must possess a wallet in order to trade. Also if you use a credit card or bank account you may need to undergo further verification.
Changelly’s straightforward layout allows you to easily purchase crypto-currencies. When you log onto the main page you are presented with two drop-down boxes, you simply choose your currency in the top box and then select which currency you want it converted to, in the second box. The minimum transaction is $50.

Changelly fees
Changelly charges the following percentages as commission when dealing with crypto-currencies:
0.5% commission on converting crypto-currencies
5% processing fee on debit/credit card transactions

Changelly trading limits
Australia, Canada, and the U.S. – Initial transaction is limited to $50 USD, if you continue to trade the limit will be lifted to $100. After one week you may the limit is raised to $500 USD
Non-CIS-region or the EU – initial transaction $100 USD and rises to $200 on the second.
CIS region (Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and Georgia) Initial limit of $200 USD on first transaction, this rises after 24 hours. Then transactions up to $3,000 in first week and rising to $10,000 within the first month.
Do Changelly transactions have Maximum and Minimum Amounts?
Credit card payments, will be require you to enter $50 or higher. Changelly does not have a maximum or minimum transaction amounts, apart from the mentioned limits above.
If you want to exchange crypto currencies and intend to deal in small amounts, it’s best to consider the block chain network fees. Sometimes you may push your transaction through, possibly without making any adjustments, however; if the block chain fees are high, you could lose all the funds.

Changelly Security
Changelly’s method of operation ensures a degree of protection to users assets. The site itself does not withhold customers’ data or funds, all transactions are passed straight to the customers’ wallet. To log onto the site 2FA authentication is required, ensuring a high degree of protection.

Changelly Affiliate program
Changelly offers an affiliate program to those who share Changelly with friends or family, this offers 50% on the revenue they accrue from your referral forever. Once logged on, you obtain a referral link, which is used by friends to register through. You will receive a permanent share of their commission on any transaction they perform on the site.

Changelly offers a straightforward, simple and effective trading interface. This exchange also offers a wide range of currencies to invest in. The credit card limitations are something of a drawback, but overall Changelly is an excellent exchange, especially for beginners to crypto-currency investment.